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Curso general de conceptos básicos de informática.

Este curso cubre los sistemas que se usan para la infraestructura mayor de el internet - LAMP.

LAMP es el acrónimo usado para describir un sistema de infraestructura de internet que usa las siguientes herramientas:

La combinación de estas tecnologías es usada principalmente para definir la infraestructura de un servidor web, utilizando un paradigma de programación para el desarrollo.

En este curso usaremos un derivado mas moderno de LAMP, LEMP, en que usa (e)NGINX. Tambien vamos a cubrir temas básicos en comunicaciones de redes, y como mantener seguridad en cada paso.

This course was designed for the Moodle School demonstration site as an example of a course optimised for the mobile app.

This course is designed to improve students' conversation skills in a scientific- or engineering-oriented setting. Grammar, writing styles and speaking skills specific to students' scientific and engineering areas of interest will be the focus of this course and will be accomplished through discussions of various authentic technical-based texts.

  • Natural disasters: including floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcano eruptions that have immediate impacts on human health and secondary impacts causing further death and suffering from (for example) floods, landslides, fires, tsunamis.
  • Environmental emergencies: including technological or industrial accidents, usually involving the production, use or transportation of hazardous material, and occur where these materials are produced, used or transported, and forest fires caused by humans.
  • Complex emergencies: involving a break-down of authority, looting and attacks on strategic installations, including conflict situations and war.
  • Pandemic emergencies: involving a sudden onset of contagious disease that affects health, disrupts services and businesses, brings economic and social costs.

Any disaster can interrupt essential services, such as health care, electricity, water, sewage/garbage removal, transportation and communications. The interruption can seriously affect the health, social and economic networks of local communities and countries. Disasters have a major and long-lasting impact on people long after the immediate effect has been mitigated. Poorly planned relief activities can have a significant negative impact not only on the disaster victims but also on donors and relief agencies. So it is important that physical therapists join established programmes rather than attempting individual efforts.

Local, regional, national and international organisations are all involved in mounting a humanitarian response to disasters. Each will have a prepared disaster management plan. These plans cover prevention, preparedness, relief and recovery.

A comprehensive professional development course designed to assist educators in successfully navigating adult learners through the college transition process.

Tras completar este curso serás capaz de planificar un curso en línea, incluyendo las actividades que conformarán una estrategia educativa, utilizando una variedad de herramientas y metodologías de enseñanza. El curso está basado en métodos pedagógicos innovadores (Ej: colaboración on-line, reflexión, aprendizaje entre iguales) y varios usos de herramientas abiertas.

Este curso está pensado para profesores de Formación Profesional.

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